Casting Supporting roles in a horror short shooting Late February

Webster University

Casting supporting roles in a horror senior overview for Webster University.



Age: Early 20’s

Sex: Female

Role: Social Media Manager/ Drummers Partner

Character: Jessie is very outgoing. She is artistic. Jessie can be nosey in a voyeuristic way. She can’t handle stress well and can break down easily. She tends to run away from her problems. Jessie is a Wiccan and sees herself as being spiritual.


Age: Mid-Late 20’s

Sex: Gender Fluid

Role: Audio Engineer

Character: Riley is fun to be around but likes to get work done. They can get stern when stressed out. They have a sarcastic sense of humor.


Age: 40’s

Sex: Male

Role: Studio Owner

Character: Dawn is an older man who thinks he’s still young. He likes telling people stories of when he was younger and first came into the music industry. He is going through a midlife crisis so he makes everything sound cooler than it is. He is nosey with people who use his studio and tries to involve himself with everyone’s business.


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