Casting Actors for Thriller Feature Film

Winner Movie

Project Title: Connection

Feature Film (Non-Union)

Director: Jeremy Meyer

Producer: Jeremy Meyer

Shooting Dates: May 19-26, 2024 (tentative)

Location: Saint Louis, MO

Logline: A kidnapped woman will be freed on one condition: She must convince her kidnapper that his life is worth living.


[ ALLIE ] LEAD. 18 to 25 years old, all ethnicities, woman. Allie is an emotionally intelligent, sharp, resilient young woman whose wit and emotional depth become her greatest assets when faced with an unimaginable challenge. Life has molded her into a character who must navigate the thin line between survival and empathy.

[Doug] 20 to 30 years old, all ethnicities, man.  Doug is Allie’s kidnapper.  Doug is an angry, self-loathing, disconnected man.  We never actually see Doug’s face – we just see him from behind and hear his voice while he monitors the security cameras. Some of the voice work will be done in post-production, so it’s a bonus if you have some basic recording equipment. 2 days, supporting role.

[Vince] 20 to 30 years old, all ethnicities, man. Vince is Allie’s boyfriend who has been recovering from a military injury. 2 days, supporting role.

Please send headshot and resume and/or link to video reel to  The shooting dates are still tentative.  Role for Allie has been tentatively filled, but we are looking for a back-up option just in case there is a scheduling conflict. For the supporting roles, you’ll automatically be considered for both roles unless you specify that you are only interested in one role.

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